Dairy farm ventilation system

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Dairy cow barn ventilation is the process of moving fresh, outdoor air through designated inlets and evenly distributing it throughout the facility to provide optimal comfort, healthy conditions, and high productivity of cattle.  Proper dairy cow barn ventilation, when delivered efficiently, can drastically boost milk production and farmer’s profits.

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Dairy cow system.

Why Ventilation System is Important to Dairy Cow Barns?

While using the existing ventilation of the barn can help to avoid additional conversion costs, it can also lead to a lower milk production rate.  When cows are in a well-ventilated stable, especially in a stable where a lot of air is exchanged, they produce more milk.

The time and effort spent researching the venting possibilities is worthwhile, as selecting a good ventilation system can significantly increase the future of the farm.  Well built, efficient fans and regular maintenance of these fans contribute significantly to achieving proper ventilation and shelter while keeping energy costs for the dairy cow barn in check

It is important to maintain the ideal temperature range for dairy cattle. Typically falling between 25- and 65-degrees Fahrenheit, allowing cattle temperature to raise to above 80 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to negative outcomes and a reduction in milk yield. Given this fact, mechanical cooling is instrumental in maintaining the optimal temperature of the herd.

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The cow farm uses a ventilation fan system.

How to Design Dairy Cow Barn Ventilation System?

Depending on the type of barn and design, the most popular being freestalls, many large circulating fans can be used to cool the cows. At Minxin, we recommend that dairy cow barns use a specially developed, high volume, circulation fans to ensure the maximum amount of air flow between the body of each cow. This is important because while many ventilation systems meet the minimum requirements for air movement and speed, due to their lack of installed volume and filtration, they do not provide the fresh air required for the growth of healthy calves.

A mechanical ventilation system is the most efficient and cost-effective option, especially in places that reduce the ability of the stable to ventilate naturally.  Understanding the principles of stable ventilation will enable producers to critically assess the ventilation options available and ultimately ensure the best air quality for their dairy cow barn.

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Dairy farm design.

How Favsfan Can Help with Your Pig Farm Ventilation System?

Favsfan works with operators on their dairy cow barn ventilation needs. We have different fan profiles, styles, and power levels that can cover all barns, from big to small. Our fans work as a part of a intelligent airflow management system to ensure your farm houses maintain the appropriate level of humidity, temperature, and airflow to ensure maximum health and viability of your livestock.


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