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Hệ thống làm mát công nghiệp

Industrial ventilation normally involves factory ventilation and warehouse ventilation. In warehouses, factories, or workshops, poor ventilation can cause several problems in the heat of the summer.  When a large number of machines are running, the heat created will significantly increase the overall temperature of the building and must be removed.  Employees working in an environment […]

Dairy farm ventilation system

thiết kế trang trại bò sữa

Dairy cow barn ventilation is the process of moving fresh, outdoor air through designated inlets and evenly distributing it throughout the facility to provide optimal comfort, healthy conditions, and high productivity of cattle.  Proper dairy cow barn ventilation, when delivered efficiently, can drastically boost milk production and farmer’s profits.   Dairy cow system. Why Ventilation System is Important […]

Ventilation and cooling system in greenhouse

Greenhouse ventilation fan are systems that make use of distributed inlet and outlet exhaust systems to maintain steady airflow, temperature, and humidity within a greenhouse. Depending on their geographic location and ventilation needs, these systems sometimes also make use of air coolers, exhaust fans or circulation fans to help better control the trapped heat and […]


Poultry farm ventilation fan is a process where a series of exhaust fans and tunnel circulation fans work in concert to move air through the chicken coop to generate a uniform flow of air at all points. With a good poultry house ventilation plan, ammonia, dust and carbon dioxide rarely present as a problem. Ventilation […]