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Greenhouse Ventilation and Cooling Blower Fan

The exhaust fan together with water cooling parts are mostly used for greenhouse cooling and ventilation, they help to regulate the temperature and humidity. Also good ventilation will help to prevent pest infestations and encourage important pollination within the greenhouse. Ventilation is perhaps the most important part in a successful greenhouse, selecting the right ventilation […]

Box Fan for Poultry Farm Ventilation and Cooling

BOX FAN FOR POULTRY FARM VENTILATION AND COOLING The performance of chicken flocks can be attributed to how well the in-house environmental conditions are managed, especially temperature and air quality. Water evaporative cooling pads + box type exhaust fan system is currently the most commonly used cooling way for poultry farms, especially for large-scale farms. […]

Ventilation Fan for Pig Barn Airvent and Cooling

Mechanical ventilation by exhaust fan is the most popular form of ventilation for pig barns, and is more technologically advanced, it is also most cost-saving and energy-efficient. Ventilation fans form a static negative pressure inside the pig barn, which are typically inlets the fresh air from outside, and extract the contaminated air out through fans. […]

Industrial Factory Ventilation System

The exhaust fan ventilation and cooling system for cooling and ventilating factory plant workshop is designed in the principle of air convection and negative pressure ventilation. Installed in a poorly ventilated workshop, the exhaust fans can comprehensively exhaust heat, odor, smoke, dust and other gases out from the plant, and at the same time circulate […]

Exhaust fan for commercial office building ventilation

Ventilation systems in commercial office buildings are designed to provide air at comfortable temperature and humidity levels, free of harmful concentrations of air pollutants. Exhaust fan ventilation provides air movement within the commercial office building by the introduction of outdoor air and removal of air from inside the building. Well installed exhaust fan ventilation will […]