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Exhaust Fan Applications

Indoor air often contains a range of pollutants, allergens, moisture, and dust in places with poor ventilation, to remove these airborne pollutants, exhaust fans are often used for air ventilation, circulation and even cooling. Here are the most common applications of exhaust fans: Chemical Factories or Coal Pit which contains flammable gases or chemical materials. Explosion resistant exhaust fans provides exhaust […]

Difference Between Evaporative Air Cooler and Electric Air Conditioner

Air conditioner is known to all, but what is water air cooler? Evaporative air cooler use a fan to draw in outdoor fresh air, where it passes over water-moistened pads, it cools air through the evaporation of water, then swamp coolers release this cool moisturized air into the space, the temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly through the phase […]

How Do Exhaust Fans Work?

Exhaust fans are installed facing the door or window, which intakes the outdoor fresh air, and extract the air inside the room, any poor ventilation can be improved, the ventilation effect can reach 90%-97%.. What Can Exhaust Fans Do? For air ventilation purpose: installed outside the workshop window using downward air outlet, and exhaust outside to extract […]

How to Choose The Right Poultry / Greenhouse Exhaust Fan

Negative pressure exhaust fan is an new type environmental friendly and energy-saving ventilation and cooling equipment which has been popular in recent years due to its features of large air volume, good ventilation effect, lower noise, easy installation and lower cost, it’s widely used in ventilation and cooling systems for factory, greenhouse, poultry house, animal husbandry, livestock farm etc. With so many brands and various specifications […]

How Do You Cool Down A Greenhouse

As the weather is getting hot, summer comes. With long daylight and sufficient rain, summer is the best season for plants to grow. But too much sunlight or heat will affect the growth of plants, therefore, we must find the best way to ventilate and cool the greenhouse. Which are the efficient ways we can choose to maximize cooling the greenhouse? Although […]

How to Calculate CFM of Exhaust Fans for Greenhouses

Greenhouse ventilation volume is based on a specific formula related to the greenhouse dimensions no matter what your plant types and climate zone are. Although it may seem complicated, choosing the right shutter exhaust fans for your greenhouse cooling system does not require complex mathematical formulas or difficult calculations,to find out how many CFM(cubic feet per minute) do you need […]

Wall Mount Exhaust Fans for Industrial Applications

Wall mount exhaust fans are exhaust fans that are mounted along interior or exterior walls near heavy machinery or in areas that experience extreme levels of moisture and exhaust gasses.  These exhaust fans help cool equipment and prevent early corrosion and deterioration of metal surfaces. Wall mount exhaust fans are one of the most popular methods used […]

Types of Wall Mount Negative Pressure Exhaust Fans

Generally there are 2 types of exhaust fans: box fan and cone fan. The cone type fan has larger air volume because of its larger and deeper wind-sucking tube, the bell mouth design of cone type fan which can be effectively gather the air volume and concentrate the wind direction.   There are 2 kinds of box type exhaust fans: drop hammer type […]

Finding the Most Reliable Greenhouse Exhaust Fan Manufacturer

Proper ventilation contributes greatly to the success of your greenhouse. Good ventilation helps to regulate temperature, increase the flow of fresh air, prevent pest infestations and improve pollination. If you have noticed that your plants may be suffering from any of these issues, then choosing the right greenhouse exhaust fan will help to alleviate these challenges. An exhaust fan […]