Ventilation and cooling system in greenhouse

Greenhouse ventilation fan are systems that make use of distributed inlet and outlet exhaust systems to maintain steady airflow, temperature, and humidity within a greenhouse. Depending on their geographic location and ventilation needs, these systems sometimes also make use of air coolers, exhaust fans or circulation fans to help better control the trapped heat and humidity generated from growing plants.

Greenhouse fan system for growing clean vegetables.

About The Greenhouse Industry.

Commercial greenhouses are often high-tech structures dedicated to the horticultural needs of plants.

Where environmental characteristics such as temperature, light exposure, irrigation, fertilization, humidity and ventilation can be controlled for optimal plant growth.

In recent years, the greenhouse industry in the world has developed rapidly.

This is due to higher demand for in-house production due to land, water and labor constraints.

It is important for commercial greenhouse managers to be at the forefront of production and operations in their facilities, understanding that their plants require constant care and careful management to thrive. strong.

Ventilation fan system for greenhouse industry.

Why do we need ventilation fan system in greenhouse?

– Climate control:

A key element of greenhouse management is climate control, which includes:

+, Provides optimal light

+, Heating.

+, Ventilation

+, Insulation and irrigation in the greenhouse.

Without optimal climate control, crops will produce much lower yields, reducing greenhouse profits.

When crops are optimally climate controlled, high yields are guaranteed.

Ventilation and cooling system.

-Proper ventilation and cooling systems are key to achieving maximum greenhouse climate control effectiveness.

-The main purpose of a ventilation system is to control the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse so that plants can thrive with less risk from insects and diseases.

-Exhaust and circulating fans can provide optimal airflow to keep commercial greenhouses from overheating.

-Exhaust fan pulls hot air out of the greenhouse so that fresh air enters to cool the greenhouse, roofing cooling system and greenhouse fan will help cool the greenhouse in summer a lot.

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How to design greenhouse ventilation fan system?

Greenhouse exhaust fans There are generally 3 ways to achieve ideal climate control:

Natural ventilation:

-In a greenhouse with open partitions or roofs that roll up for ventilation, fresh cold air passes through the openings on both sides of the greenhouse, then hot air rises in the greenhouse and escapes when the roof is open. can help reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse.

Fan system and evaporative cooling pad:

-Install evaporative cooling walls on one side of the greenhouse and install negative pressure exhaust fans on the opposite side of the greenhouse, which is the most effective way to reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse in summer hot.

-In most cases, an evaporative cooling pad combined with an exhaust fan can help reduce temperatures by 4 to 8 degrees.

Ventilation fans and circulation fans:

Mount the box or cone type exhaust fan to the wall of the greenhouse, and hang the circulation fan under the roof of the greenhouse. This is similar to the first natural ventilation, but the air exchange rate is much higher due to the ventilation of the exhaust and recirculation fans.

Normally, the recommended air exchange rate for greenhouse ventilation will be 25 to 30 times per hour, we can also calculate the amount of cfm we need for the greenhouse, from which we can choose Greenhouse fan is suitable for it.

Greenhouse ventilation system.

For example, a greenhouse with a width of 8m, a length of 40m and a height of 4.5m for example, the cfm that the greenhouse needs per hour is 40m x 8m x 4.5mx 30 (times/hour) = 43200m³/h, then you will need a fan that can deliver an air volume of 43200m³/h.

At FAVSFAN we provide greenhouse climate control solutions to maintain consistent airflow, temperature and humidity in your commercial greenhouse.

We design quality exhaust fans, recirculation fans, evaporative coolers, evaporative air coolers and air conditioning systems specific to your location and ventilation needs to create a comfortable environment. comfortable environment for the plants and thus increase the profit for your greenhouse.

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