Hệ thống làm mát công nghiệp

Industrial ventilation normally involves factory ventilation and warehouse ventilation.
In warehouses, factories, or workshops, poor ventilation can cause several problems in the heat of the summer.  When a large number of machines are running, the heat created will significantly increase the overall temperature of the building and must be removed.  Employees working in an environment with no ventilation can cause dehydration, heat stroke, and other significant health and safety risks.  It is extremely important to ensure your factory or warehouse has efficient ventilation to keep employees safe, healthy, happy, and productive.  Below are several great solutions we suggest to keep your factory or warehouse cool.

Ứng dụng trong sản xuất công nghiệp

Industrial production.

Solution 1: Air Coolers

Determine how many air coolers are sufficient, depending on the size of your factory or warehouse , normally 150㎡ per set of air cooler with volume 18,000m³/h(about 10,000cfm).

An wall mount air cooler requires a wall that is load-bearing or a roof that is load-bearing, as the weight of each air cooler is approximately 85kg.  Installation requires a hole cut into the wall or roof that is consistent with the size of the duct, and fixed with a bracket.  Location of the air ducts must be carefully considered to ensure air supply is moving in an efficient manner.  Consulting a professional to assist with installation is recommended.
If it is not feasible to mount the air cooler to your factory or warehouse, portable air coolers with large air volume will also do, our largest portable air cooler reaches 18,000m³/h air volume, which can be placed wherever needed.

Hệ thống làm mát công nghiệp

Hệ thống quạt làm mát công nghiệp.

Solution 2: Industrial Exhaust Fans + Cooling Pads

An industrial exhaust fan with a cooling pad is a solution that will allow you to save on energy and  costs.  This is an excellent solution frequently used in greenhouses or poultry farms as well.  This solution must be placed on a load bearing wall and is much larger than the solutions listed above.

The recommended air exchange rate for factories is 60 to 120 times per hour, which can easily exhaust the indoor dust, toxic gas, high temperatures, and bad smells.  This solution meets or exceeds this requirement and does so by forming a negative air pressure, bringing in fresh, outdoor air and filtering by a wet curtain.  The air enters the facility at random intervals to form an ecological-like circulation effect, and then the heated and polluted air will be exhausted by the industrial exhaust fans installed on the opposite to the cooling pads,  keeping the indoors fresh and cool.

tấm là mát công nghiệp

Cooling plate.

Solution 3: Industrial Exhaust Fans + Window

The industrial exhaust fan solution works by pulling odors, fumes, and moisture out of the space, sending them outdoors for removal.  Removing the air outside provides cooling and ventilation inside, creating a safer and more comfortable environment.

Typically, the minimum ventilation air exchange rate for a factory or warehouse is 60 times per hour.  To determine how many exhaust fans are needed for your factory or warehouse, you must begin with the dimensions of your factory.

For example, if the factory is of 86m length, 22m width and 8m height, and you need at least 60 times air exchange per hour, then the ventilation capacity you need for the factory is 86mx22mx8mx60=113,520m³/h, if your prefered fan size is 1380mm(50inch) exhaust fan, the air volume of it is 42,000m³/h, then you will need about 3 sets of this 50inch exhaust fan for your factory.

quạt thông gió công nghiệp

Factory ventilation fan.

Quạt thông gió công nghiệp cửa sổ

Window ventilation fan.

Solution 4: Cooling Tower

A cooling tower is similar to an air cooler, however, the main difference is that the cooling tower is much larger.  Cooling towers are widely used for those factories or warehouses that are unable to install on a load bearing wall or roof.  Also, a cooling tower can cool a larger area than an air cooler, cooling approximately 400㎡/set or more.

Tháp giải nhiệt

Cooling tower.

Solution 5 :  Large Ceiling Fans

Large air volume industrial ceiling fans are a great solution for factories or warehouses with a large plant area.  Large air volume industrial ceiling fans cover a large air volume at ultra-low speeds, with 1.1-1.5kw consumption.  These fans cover an area of 1500㎡/set and are a great solution for those companies needing an inexpensive solution to cover a large plant area.

Quạt trần nhà xưởng

Ceiling fan.

At Favsfan, we are able to help you achieve an ideal, safe, and healthy environment for employees by creating industrial ventilation solutions that maintain steady airflow, temperature, and humidity within your workplace.

At Favsfan, we are able to help you with ventilation solutions that maintain steady airflow, temperature, and humidity within your commercial greenhouse. We design quality exhaust fans, circulation fans, evaporative cooling pads, air coolers and conditioning systems specific to your location and ventilation needs that will create an comfortable environment for your plants and therefore increase your greenhouse’s profitability.



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