Ventilation for Pig Farm

The barn ventilation fan is a system consisting of an exhaust fan and an exhaust fan to maintain the right temperature and airflow for livestock and poultry. Brings in fresh air and removes or dilutes dust, harmful gases, unwanted odors, as well as organisms and moisture in the air. This is the most effective means of maintaining constant humidity and temperature as well as air velocity for the house.

Application of ventilation fans in barns.

The role of the ventilation fan in the livestock farm .

Animals grow thanks to many factors, in addition to food and water, the most important factor is the environment they live in.

-It is the determining factor for the growth of livestock. Therefore, the air in the breeding areas must always be ventilated, cool and clean.

-Along with the construction of standard stables, the installation and use of farm ventilation fans is an extremely important factor in building a high-tech livestock farm model.

-Helps the farm ensure clean air source, air circulation, discharge of stench to the outside to ensure animal health.


Application of ventilation fans in pig farming.


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How to design barn ventilation fan system?

There are 3 ways to properly ventilate the farm.,

Way 1.

+ The natural ventilation system in the roof camp is usually by modified monoslope opening the side walls or windows on the sides.

+ Rely on the heat from pigs to keep the barn warm in winter.

+ Wind dry in the weather to remove moisture and odors from the barn.

Way 2.

– Mechanical ventilation such as exhaust fan, negative pressure exhaust fan and tunnel circulation fan.

– Negative pressure exhaust fan pushes the air out of the farm.

– Circulation fan in the tunnel enhances the speed of air movement

– It is possible to use negative pressure exhaust fans to quickly suck hot and polluted air out of pig houses and farms.

Way 3.

-Ventilation Baffles Conventional curtain walls work in conjunction with negative pressure exhaust fans such as fan cooling systems and pads.

– This is the most effective but cost-effective way to reduce the temperature inside the farmhouse.

– Evaporative cellulose cooling pad installed on one side or end wall of the farmhouse

– The exhaust fans are then installed on the opposite side of the cooling pad.

– The exhaust fan system and curtain wall can reduce the temperature in the barn to 4~8℃.

– Helps increase humidity by about 30%.

Design blower for the farm.

Select the appropriate barn ventilation fan.

Pig farm fan system.

-The barn ventilation fan today is very rich and diverse in terms of products and installation methods.

-When installing, customers need to specify the total area to:

-Choose a fan with appropriate air flow and capacity, providing effective ventilation to avoid wasting investment and energy.

-The fan when selected should have a protective cover that is resistant to abrasion, oxidation and has automatic shutters.

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