Poultry farm ventilation fan is a process where a series of exhaust fans and tunnel circulation fans work in concert to move air through the chicken coop to generate a uniform flow of air at all points. With a good poultry house ventilation plan, ammonia, dust and carbon dioxide rarely present as a problem. Ventilation in a poultry farm house is one of the most important aspects of keeping chickens healthy, in order to reduce breathing problems in the birds and achieve higher productivity and operational profits.

Livestock farm system.

Farm ventilation fan benefits.

-It helps to reduce the possibility of disease-causing organisms in the air.

-Provides a change from the normal dusty air normally caused by the normal movement of birds.

-Helps poultry on the farm experience fresh, oxygen-rich air that promotes growth.

-Minimizes disease-causing environmental factors such as excessive humidity, temperature and ammonia generation.

-Reduce air pollution. -By providing proper ventilation, you can ensure those levels are kept to an absolute minimum, thus.

-Increase the health of your birds and deliver higher yields at harvest time.


Benefits of ventilation fans in the farm.

Keys for Poultry Farm House Ventilation Success.

With FAVSFAN’s experience in poultry house ventilation, want clean air:

-Should be ventilated on a schedule that automatically runs at any time of the day and night.

– Supported by the heating system.

-Separate ventilation works in summer and winter.

+, Minimize excessive heat accumulation in summer

+, reduce humidity in winter.

-In most chicken breeds, the optimal temperature range for chickens is between 65° and 75°F (18°C and 24°C).

-While heat stress and heat-related illness tend to show up in temperatures around 90°F (32°C) or higher.

-Although birds do best  in the previously mentioned temperature range, they are actually more tolerant of cold than heat.

When properly prepared, most varieties can withstand temperatures below freezing.

-The key here is to make sure fresh water is always available and liquid.

-Make sure your poultry farm’s ventilation plan makes moisture reduction its primary concern.

-In winter, it is paramount to keep the chicken coop dry with a poultry exhaust fan, as excessive moisture build-up can lead to freezing.

Chicks are healthy when using a poultry farm ventilation fan system.

How to Design Poultry Farm Ventilation and Poultry Farm Cooling?

-We recommend different systems for poultry farm house climate control in different seasons:

Mechanical ventilation systems in winter.

The mechanical ventilation system in winter includes an poultry farm exhaust fan ventilation system, combined with poultry circulation fans to accelerate the air exchange.

Longitudinal ventilation and evaporative cooling systems in summer.

-The evaporative cooling pad is installed on one side of the wall of the poultry house.

-The poultry cooling fan is installed on the opposite side of the wall of the poultry house.

-Or install water cooling pad on opposite sides of poultry house wall and cooling fan on the other side.

-Vertical ventilation can increase wind speed. 

-Cooling plate helps to control climate to reduce heat in summer.

Large healthy chickens in a clean, airy environment.

Where to buy ventilation fans, square fans?

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