How Do You Cool Down A Greenhouse

As the weather is getting hot, summer comes. With long daylight and sufficient rain, summer is the best season for plants to grow. But too much sunlight or heat will affect the growth of plants, therefore, we must find the best way to ventilate and cool the greenhouse.

Which are the efficient ways we can choose to maximize cooling the greenhouse?

Although the climate varies from country to country, the methods for greenhouse cooling and ventilaton vary as well, while some methods can work out universally, such as cooling pad and negative pressure exhaust fan system, natural ventilation cooling system, mist fan cooling system, air conditioning cooling system etc.

However, the best way to keep a greenhouse cool involves air circulation, air ventilation, as well as cooling, only water cooling pad and negative pressure exhaust fan system can reach this purpose.

How cooling pad and negative pressure exhaust fan system works?

The system of the combination of cooling pad and negative pressure exhaust fan applies principle of endothermic character of water evaporation:

  1. Due to the effect of the water pump and natural gravity, the water drops flow down the honeycomb of cooling pad, and form a draped water film which is more than 10 times wider than the cooling pad’s exterior surface, so the wet surface area contacted with the air flow is extremely wide!
  2. Due to the air pressure difference caused by the negative pressure exhaust fan, the outdoor fresh air will be forcedto get through the cooling pad at a high speed and hit onto the wide water film so that the water will evaporate quickly and absorb the heat from the air at the same pace. Therefore, the excess heat in the greenhouse will be quickly absorbed .

Choose negative pressure exhaust fan to keep greenhouse cool

Exhaust fans are used to keep air consistently moving throughout the greenhouse and stay cool. You may need more than one exhaust fan to keep your greenhouse cool and well ventilated, depending on the size of your greenhouse.

There are many advantages of cooling pad and negative pressure exhaust fan system, such as low product cost and operating costs, good overall cooling effect, large air volume, and smooth fan speed.

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